Harnessing the power of our agency so you can fully exercise yours.

Our team of creators, builders, and investors specialize in marketing, technology, healthcare, and business so people with big ideas can expand their agency and live lives they find meaningful.

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We launch and invest in ideas we believe in.

Human Agency builds and scales market-changing companies from the ground up. We partner with problem solvers, proven entrepreneurs, and savvy growth experts to change the world, one company at a time.


We’re in the business of breaking barriers.

We’re doers. We plan and execute for clients of all sizes and sector. From business operations, performance marketing, branding, and design, to content production, web development, and much much more.



Removing obstacles for the protection of refugees everywhere.


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Realizing a world where wellbeing is a baseline, not a burden.


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Reinventing the form tool for more powerful, more human interactions.



Modernizing tradition for better community leadership and higher-quality lives.

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Be your own agent.

We are a borderless team setting up shop at the intersection of pragmatism and idealism. Work wherever you want, on projects you care about, and share in the returns with clients and ventures.