In people we trust.

We’re problem-solvers driven by purpose and committed to the free exercise of human agency. Our mission is to harness the power of our human agency so our partners can fully exercise theirs.

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Believe in what you do.

We’re a work from anywhere team with employees spanning 11 states and 5 nations. Yes, we’re remote, but we know nothing beats a good jam session, so we offer in-person office and travel opportunities to all of our employees. Want to visit Caroline in Austin to crank out a pitch for the team? We’ll get you on a plane, a place to stay, and lots and lots of tacos.
Healthcare and education are human rights. Human Agency offers 100% employee and dependent healthcare coverage, including abortion support for those in restricted states. We’re also proud to offer HSA contributions, a 401k with match, a 529 with match, and two FSAs to support your growth and well-being.
Work only works when employees have time to live. To give our team time to thrive, we offer unlimited PTO, PTO minimums, paid sabbaticals, paid maternity and paternity leave, as well as 9 paid holidays. Whether it’s a sick day, a mental health day, or an international vacation, Human Agency ensures you get the rest you need to feel…well, human.
Your work environment should be conducive to your health and productivity. We’ll help you deck out your home office with a new computer, desk, headphones, or other tool to help you feel focused and supported. If working from home isn’t working for you, we’ll pay for a shared office space to give you the change of scenery you need.
At Human Agency, innovation starts in-house. If an employee has an awesome idea for a new product, project, app, or interface, we'll provide resources, funding, and other studio support to make it a reality. For more information on our current studios, or to pitch us an idea directly, check out our Ventures page.
Fostering an environment of continuous learning is essential to developing a satisfied, curious, and dynamic workforce. In addition to the 529 match, we offer subsidized continuing education and support for select graduate programs, allowing our team to pursue their passions, grow in their field, and expand their opportunities.
A portion of all Human Agency profits are dedicated to humanitarian aid, environmental advocacy, and employee directed disaster relief. Organizations include Ukraine Forever, Kyiv Indipendent, and American Cancer Society Austin, as well as direct-to-employee support for team members impacted by natural disasters.
We take adventure seriously. From our annual “CEO Roadshow” to mini workcations, magic shows, coastal hikes, and MLS matches, our team is always moving, hanging, and finding opportunities for spontaneity. Join the adventure—who knows, you might just adopt a stray raccoon along the way.
After months of asking “wait, you’re how tall?” on video chat, we knew it was time to bring the team together for a company retreat. Now, it’s an annual staple—from Istanbul to Mt. Baker and Laguna Beach, the retreat helps us reset and relax as a crew. Plus, working from home makes meeting IRL even sweeter.
Team-wide financial success requires more than a bi-weekly paycheck. We help you maximize and diversify earnings through commissions, revenue and profit sharing, and our Owner’s Bonus Program. This ensures each individual’s equitable compensation, and helps nurture a high-upside investment portfolio. When we work together, we earn together.

Value what you do.

Live with love, purpose,
and adventure.
Do work driven by purpose.
Love the people you work with.
Make everything you do an adventure.
Empower people to lead lives they find meaningful.
Advocate for others and their values.
Inspire empathy in our communities.
People are the bottom line, everything else is instrumental.
Educate through storytelling.
Inspire people with compelling narratives.
Market through education and stories.
Create to drive action and change.
Deliver real and lasting impact.
Solve needs and achieve positive outcomes.
Be efficient and profitable.
Motivate people to think big and different.
Pursue pragmatic idealism endlessly.
Leverage the world we are given.
Seek a better tomorrow.
Create the world that is possible.

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