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The challenge.

Detect reimagined home diagnostics and built an industry-disrupting Covid-19 test at the height of a global pandemic. To succeed, Detect needed to overcome bureaucratic hurdles, build investor momentum, nurture trust among a skeptical audience, and get tests into the hands of people who needed them most.

The solution.

We partnered with Detect as a fully-embedded marketing partner that cross-functionally supported investor raises and a 360 go-to-market product launch. Raised awareness and gathered participants for clinical trials and necessary user testing both online and in the streets.

We captured the attention of investors and government officials with live events and a full-suite of sales assets. Paved the way to FDA-approval with a highly engaging, informative user-journey.

industry benchmark conversion rate
investor capital
MoM sales increase
in first quarter

The work.

Next up: UNHCR

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